Terms & Limitations


Claremore's Ultimate Wedding Show

By filling out the Registration Form:

You may be contacted by Claremore's Ultimate Wedding Show and Claremore's Ultimate Wedding Show's vendors with offers for goods and services, as well as solicitations for opinions or information, using various communication methods.


  1. By registering you are not assured one of Claremore's Ultimate         Wedding Show prizes. Brides only are eligible for prizes and will receive  a silicone bracelet as they enter the Show. Your bracelet will be marked if you are a winner and you will pick up your prize certificate at the donating exhibitor’s booth. You are responsible for claiming your prize and will not be notified after the Show. To use your gift certificate, you must make arrangements with the exhibitor within a month of the Show.
  2. Prize exchange and delivery is not guaranteed by Claremore's Ultimate Wedding Show. The Show cannot be held liable for exhibitors that go out of business or choose not to honor their prize vouchers.
  3. Registration does not guarantee your entry into the show. You must purchase the ticket to (a) complete registration and (b) have access to the show.
  4. Only one prize package may be awarded to members of one bridal party.Only one prize package may be awarded to members of one bridal party.
  5. Prizes are available as a goodwill gesture by exhibitors and may be rescinded by an exhibitor at their discretion.